Building world-class businesses from world-class science

innoveas is a unique international company transforming world class technologies and innovative scientific ideas into game-changing companies.

innoveas offers an unrivalled resource for the commercialisation of innovative, early-stage science and technology and is a long-established partner with the experience to deliver both financial and non-financial impacts on a substantial scale. innoveas is present where it matters most: with Germany hoasting the largest publicly funded R&D programmes in Europe and the USA being the world’s most significant capital, healthcare and technology market. innoveas provides its companies the best support possible by:

  • An exceptional board of directors and advisers

With decades of local market knowledge and relationships in Europe and the USA, the management team has consistently demonstrated its ability to convert early-stage science and technology opportunities into substantial companies generating billion Dollar returns.

  • The most experienced team accessing scientific innovation in Europe.

The innoveas team is based in Germany, France, Italy and the USA and works closely with institutions in the public research sector to screen, protect and develop their intellectual property and to help access additional non-dilutive grant funding during their early stage development.

  • innoveas has established links with the US - vital to successful commercialisation.

Three of the US leading technology investors are members of the innoveas Management or Advisory Board. Through their relationships with the investment community, innoveas has the capability of helping portfolio companies grow and optimise investment and exit solutions.