Mission & Vision

Building Success - The Partnership Model

innoveas systematically reviews hundreds of technology and business opportunities annually with its partners, then helping to develop the most promising into companies with international potential. Our proven approach, developed over the last 10 years, enables innoveas and its partners to bridge the gap between the worlds of science and business and create exceptional businesses geared for rapid growth. We invest and work together with founders and partner institutions to build robust, viable and valuable companies by:

  • Maximising returns: innoveas believes that its practical approach to partnership delivers maximum value for all stakeholders thanks to the company‚Äôs deep industry knowledge, early international M&A strategies and efficient exits through relationships with industry buyers and public market listings in both Europe and USA.
  • Reducing risks: innoveas usually acts as the initial co-founder of the portfolio company and seeks to play a key role in the board of management. The innoveas team has extensive market and financial expertise and uses high standards to ensure a stable and strategic governance. It also secures further grant funding from regional and national authorities as well as from the European Commission for research and innovation purposes such as the Horizon 2020 programme.